Pick n Pay has launched over 150 new plant-based products in the past two years

Pick n Pay has doubled the number of plant-based products it stocks in the past two years, and sales continue to grow year-on-year, with newness driving this growth amongst local customers.

Veganism is a growing trend as customers increasingly become more health-conscious and environmentally aware. Research by Bloomberg Intelligence reported that the global plant-based market will grow from U.S. $30 billion in 2021 to $160 billion by 2030, highlighting how this trend has gone mainstream. Locally, movements such as Veganuary – which Pick n Pay is once again part of – continue to drive awareness about plant-based diets.

Pick n Pay now stocks over 300 plant-based products (across all brands) and has introduced 150 new products in the past 24 months. The products range across grocery, frozen and non-edible categories such as household, beauty and toiletries.

Some of the best-selling products include plant-based milks and yoghurt, plant-based butter, ready meals, dairy-free frozen dessert, and tofu and feta ranges. Fresh plant-based products are fast emerging as a popular category and reported a growth of over 25% last year.

Pick n Pay has worked with numerous local small suppliers to expand their range. Some of them include On the Green Side, which has seen incredible success as a chicken alternative, and ice cream alternatives from Gaia & I and Malie's Frozen Dessert. It also stocks popular ranges from Fry's and local brand Herbivore, and more recently began stocking a new frozen meat alternative range from Meatless Farm in selected stores.

Nicki Russell, Head of Product & Technical at Pick n Pay, says that the vegan movement is a fast-growing space in local retail. "Global warming and climate change are a big concern for our customers. The health of our planet has become the leading global concern and this is very much intertwined with the plant-based trend," she says.

Pick n Pay's customer research shows that more customers are opting for a ‘flexitarian' diet and choosing to have more plant-based meals during the week. "This is fuelling the growth of the category as customers become more willing to try different alternatives," says Russell.

"There is a lot of innovation in our plant-based category as we constantly introduce fresh and exciting products for customers that tick the boxes of a healthy product, made locally with as little impact on our environment and planet as possible.

"While plant-based sales remain a small percentage of sales, we are seeing good growth each year," she says.

Russell says that they aim to make plant-based eating more convenient and affordable, and they've launched a successful range of nearly 50 own brand PnP plant-based products.

"We are continuously looking at developing and sourcing new products. We are working with more local suppliers to expand our Pick n Pay Live Plant Based to provide a comprehensive great tasting and wholesome range that meets our customers' needs," says Russell.

Pick n Pay is also making it easier and more convenient for customers to shop the plant-based range. "In selected stores, we have created a ‘plant-based destination' which houses all products together, and in these stores, we saw a 40% increase in sales."

As Pick n Pay continues to revamp its stores, in line with the retailer's Ekuseni strategy, the retailer will trial more ways to make it easier to shop plant-based, across all categories, with a dedicated focus on the shelf.

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