Cash-strapped consumers might unknowingly have extra cash in their wallets. Pick n Pay has reported that over 11 million customers have unclaimed Smart Shopper points already loaded on their card, totalling over R250 million in cash-back rewards.

The retailer issues around four billion Smart Shopper points every month for each shop, boosted through its Clubs and partners. It says that many members have points worth over R100 in cash back waiting to be spent and may be missing out on this significant budget-welcoming reward by not registering their Smart Shopper card.

Customers earn Smart Shopper points every single time they swipe their card at the checkout, but they must register their card to spend their points.

“We want to provide relief to families, and this is one of the ways we are committed to feeding the nation along with our affordable everyday prices. The Smart Shopper points that customers get from every visit to our shops accumulate and can add up to substantial amounts for customers to spend,” says Andrew Mills, Chief Marketing Officer at Pick n Pay.

A customer using her Smart Shopper card at Pick n Pay QualiSave.

Customers have the freedom to choose how they want to use their points. “Some opt to spend them on essential items like bread or milk during these financially challenging times, while others indulge in treats like chocolates, chips, or snacks. Customers have also used their rewards to purchase cleaning and energy-saving products, which shows that the cash-back options cater to various budgets.”

Mills adds, “We understand that customers are under pressure, so we are urging Smart Shoppers to register their cards and use their points on their next shop. We are also even doubling points on selected products to boost the cash back customers can currently earn.”

Smart Shoppers points represent part of the retailer’s contribution towards customers' grocery savings.

On average, an active Smart Shopper customer actually accumulates total savings to the value of a month’s shopping every year. This saving is achieved by a customer who regularly participates in the programme using Smart Shopper discounts and deals, earning bonus points through Smart Shopper Clubs (Pet, Coffee and Wine) or partners, such as BP and TymeBank, and spending their cash back.

Last year, the Smart Shopper programme provided over R6 billion rand in savings (through discounts & deals) and points.

South Africans are increasingly signing up for loyalty programmes to make their money go further. Recent data shows that 73% of South Africans now use loyalty programmes (Truth & Brand Mapp Loyalty Whitepaper 2022) and that they, on average, belong to eight different programmes (TrendER/infoQuest).

Pick n Pay's Smart Shopper loyalty programme remains one of South Africa’s most popular loyalty programmes as the card allows customers to save immediately through discounts and on their next shop through points with just one swipe.

Customers can check and spend their points by ensuring that their Smart Shopper card is registered. This can be done in a quick few minutes in-store, online or via WhatsApp (send a “Hi” message to +27 60 070 3037). Once registered, customers can spend their points directly at the checkout by asking the cashier or online when shopping on or Pick n Pay Home.

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