Redro and Peck's Anchovette is now available in over 50 Pick n Pay's across the Western Cape and will be available in stores nationwide within the next two weeks

Pick n Pay has again triumphed for their customers, this time bringing two iconic fish paste brands, Redro and Peck's Anchovette, back to store shelves – reigniting nostalgia for South Africans.

The retailer brought the popular Hellmann's Mayonnaise back to their shelves in June after a countrywide uproar by distraught shoppers when the American brand was delisted by its local supplier.

Now, Pick n Pay has worked closely with Cape Gulf Brands & Premier Fishing to relaunch the popular fish paste products back on the shelf for local customers after they were discontinued nearly two years ago. The products will be exclusive to Pick n Pay stores.

Redro, a leading brand in the local savoury spread market for over 30 years, was created and manufactured in South Africa. Peck's Anchovette originated in the United Kingdom in 1891 and arrived in South Africa in the 1960s.

The endearing Redro's 1980s advert, featuring a little boy who affectionately referred to everything he loved, from his pet dog and cat to his tricycle and even his mother, as 'Wedwo' (Redro) – after his favourite spread – still lingers in the minds of many South Africans.

"We are really delighted to bring the taste of nostalgia back by reintroducing these beloved classics. We're dedicated to bringing customers not just groceries, but moments of joy and cherished memories through the products we offer," says Andrew Mills, Chief Marketing Officer at Pick n Pay. By

The products are currently available in over 50 stores in the Western Cape and are currently being rolled out to stores across the country. All Pick n Pay stores nationwide should receive their stock within the next two weeks. And, should die-hard fish paste fans feel a craving hit immediately after hearing the news, both products will be available to purchase on Pick n Pay asap! or Mr D – for delivery within an hour – once it is in stores.

Pick n Pay is the official retail partner to relaunch the Pecks and Redro brands into the South African market again.

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