Air fryers continue to reign supreme as the most coveted items among Black Friday deal seekers, marking an impressive seven-year streak, says Pick n Pay.

“This has been the best year to date for air fryer purchases and we’ve doubled our sales already when compared to last Black Friday month,” says Andrew Mills, Chief Marketing Officer at Pick n Pay.

In response to the unabating demand for this popular kitchen appliance, Pick n Pay proactively secured an increase in stock for this year's Black Friday event. Mills comments on the strategic decision. “We didn’t want to disappoint customers so we brought in substantial extra stock – so much so that we were worried we’d have extra stock. But almost all of this stock was snapped up today,” says Mills.

Pick n Pay rolled out three compelling air fryer deals, with one offering more than 50% off. The Goldair 6.5L Digital Stainless Steel Air Fryer sold for just R899, a saving of R1,000. This was available both in store and online, including on-demand with Pick n Pay asap! and Takealot.

Mills notes the discerning preferences of value-conscious customers, stating, "This year, customers sought digital, larger-capacity air fryers from reputable brands, and we ensured to deliver these sought-after deals. The level of interest surpassed our expectations."

The enduring appeal of air fryers lies in their combination of health benefits, convenience, and versatility.

“It has been seven years since the start of the air fryer trend, and it consistently holds the top spot among sought-after Black Friday deals, maintaining its momentum throughout the year. There are no signs of its popularity slowing down at this stage," says Mills.

Double the groceries for nearly the same price – Pick n Pay customers shop smart this Black Friday

In an economic setting where every rand counts, Pick n Pay once again stepped up to make a meaningful difference this Black Friday by putting real money back in the hands of those who need it most.

“Depending on the products shopped, customers save anything from a third of their total shop up to 50%. Many customers take advantage of the bulk buy deals by joining forces with friends and family to maximise affordability,” says Andrew Mills, Chief Marketing Officer at Pick n Pay.

He adds, “We also see a steep increase in customers using their banked Smart Shopper points enhancing the percentage of savings on their shopping bills.”

Pick n Pay’s Black Friday deals launched today strongly emphasised essential and pantry grocery items, understanding that these form the backbone of every household. “We had deals on products that we know frequent customer’s baskets,” says Mills. This ranged from cooking oil, toilet paper, soft drinks, coffee, milk, cereal, and meat to washing powder and detergents.

This year, Black Friday deals transcend mere discounts; they represent a lifeline for households navigating financial pressures. Recognising the challenges facing South African families, Pick n Pay strategically leveraged its Black Friday deals to provide much-needed financial relief.

“The spotlight on essentials ensures that the savings generated directly address the day-to-day needs of South African households. Shoppers who took advantage of these deals experienced a significant reduction in their overall shopping bills, enabling them to stretch their budgets without compromising on quality.”

Customers continued to shop electronics and appliances, as evident by air fryers flying off shelves.

All Black Friday deals stretch over the weekend for customers to take advantage of during payday weekend.

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