The Group is a retail business in the fast-moving consumer goods industry – operating over 2 000 stores across multiple formats in eight countries across Africa. We provide our customers with a tailored range of high-quality food, grocery, clothing, liquor and general merchandise products at competitive prices. With our rich 56–year history, we benefit from strong brand loyalty and broad socio–economic appeal within the regions we serve.

We serve

With our hearts, we create a great a place to be

With our minds, we create an excellent place to shop

Key facts



R106.6 billion turnover

175 new stores

R800 million cost savings

R4.0 billion capital investment


First retailer in Africa to make sustainable seafood commitments

Founding member of the Consumer Goods Council Voluntary Food Waste Agreement

First South African retailer to sign up to the 10x20x30

Food Waste Initiative

Net zero carbon footprint 2050 target


90 000 people across our company-owned and franchise operations

400 000 jobs sustained through the reach of our value chain

Alleviating hunger through Feed the Nation

Supporting 3 280 schools through our Pick n Pay School Club


Member of the international Consumer Goods Forum and the Consumer Goods Council of South Africa

Secondary listing on A2X to promote development of the investor market in South Africa

Our enduring values

Pick n Pay is one of South Africa’s most iconic and inclusive brands. As a much-loved shopping destination, Pick n Pay has moved hand-in-hand with the changing needs and aspirations of its customers for 56 years.

Enduring Values
We are passionate about our customers and will fight for their rights
We live by honesty and integrity
We foster personal growth and opportunity
We take individual responsibility
We care for and respect each other
We support and participate in our communities
We nurture leadership and vision, and reward innovation
We are all accountable

Our footprint

The Group is well-positioned to serve the needs of customers across all socio-economic backgrounds. With greater operating flexibility, efficiency and cost‑effectiveness, the Group operates successfully in a broad range of locations.


Company owned stores

Footprint at 27 August 2023
  Pick n Pay Boxer TM  
  Owned Franchise Owned Associate Total
South Africa 944 649 445 2 038
Botswana 19 19
Lesotho 4 4
Namibia 36 36
eSwatini 23 9   32
Zambia 23 23
Nigeria 2 2
Zimbabwe 73 73
  969 731 454 73 2 227
Supermarkets 345 477 283 61 1 166
Clothing 329 20 349
Liquor 295 234 140 12 681
Build 31 31
  969 731 454 73 2 227

Our Supermarket brands

Pick n Pay is a multi-format and multi-channel retailer, operating on an owned and franchise basis.

Our Pick n Pay supermarkets serve customers in middle- to higher-income communities, with an expanded range of 18 000 products that delivers on innovation, quality, freshness and convenience – including through experiential meat, produce, and bakery lines. Our Pick n Pay supermarkets are being modernised to ensure customers get the best quality at great value, and an improved in-store experience.

Qualisave provides Pick n Pay with a value format.

QualiSave supermarkets serve customers in lower to middle-income communities, with a tailored range of 8 000 essential food and grocery products that delivers on low prices, great quality and deeper value on the products that matter most. The stores are modern and vibrant and provide a market feel for those looking for great service and reliable value.

Boxer is South Africa's leading limited-range discounter. The target markets are middle- to lower-income urban, peri-urban and rural communities of South Africa and eSwatini.

All Boxer stores are located close to public transportation hubs and have a welcoming market-style atmosphere, offering essential daily commodities such as maize meal, rice, samp, sugar, oil and beans, as well as perishables, health and beauty products, general merchandise and bulk-buy offers. There are no franchise stores under this brand. The Group's long-term Strategy recognises the significant potential of the Boxer brand in the South African market and targets 200 new Boxer stores over the next three years. Boxer's geographical heartland is KwaZulu-Natal and the Eastern Cape – with strong opportunity for growth across South Africa where it can serve the needs of communities through its focused product range, affordable prices and community-rooted staff.

Pick n Pay asap!
Pick n Pay Groceries on Mr D

Customer demand for only online grocery shopping continues to grow and Pick n Pay is benefiting from both growth in sales to existing customers and new customer segments. Pick n Pay asap! is one of the most utilised grocery apps in South Africa, with over 4 million downloads. From a launch in the second half of 2022, Pick n Pay Groceries on Mr D has been rolled out nationwide, allowing customers to shop both restaurant takeaways and groceries in one place. The Mr D platform now makes up a large part of our on-demand business, ensuring we are available to more customers in more relevant ways.

What sets us apart

Customers are at the heart of our business. Consumer sovereignty informs everything we do, from how we source and buy our products and the product range we offer, to how we design and run our stores to give customers great value and service. Putting the customer first means we always work hard to understand their diverse and changing needs and how we can serve them better.

Pick n Pay is one South African's most iconic and inclusive brands. As a much-loved shopping destination, Pick n Pay has moved hand‑in‑hand with the changing needs and aspirations of its customers for 56 years. The Pick n Pay brand continues to get closer to customers – with product ranges, promotions and customer engagement specifically tailored to meet the needs of the customers served.

Boxer has a rich 46-year history and has developed into Africa’s fastest growing discount supermarket chain, with strong market share gains over a number of years. Boxer is winning customers by providing unbeatable value on the products that are most important to customers in the lower-to-middle-income communities of South Africa, and by having a modern store estate, a tight and targeted product range, and a strong fresh meat and produce offer.

TM Supermarkets is one of the most loved and trusted supermarket brands in Zimbabwe. Trading alongside Pick n Pay, it has demonstrated exceptional resilience and momentum in a challenging hyper-inflationary environment.

South–Africa is a diverse and dynamic country, with a rapidly evolving customer. The retail market is highly competitive and constantly adapting to changing customer trends. The local formal food and grocery market is on a growth trajectory, notwithstanding the current challenges from load-shedding, and the Group has opportunity for growth, specifically in the less affluent part of the market.

The Group has a broad store estate – with 2 227 stores catering to all demographics and customer segments. The combination of our brands and formats is formidable, providing proximity to many customers and growing communities. In addition to our company-owned stores, our community of Pick n Pay franchisees is a true strength for the Group – highly skilled, committed, and community-centred.

The Group has built successful growth engines alongside its core Pick n Pay food and grocery offer, which have all delivered strong growth for the Group over recent years. These include Boxer, Clothing and Online – and a strong digital platform from which to accelerate growth and innovation.

The Group is ably supported by outstanding information technology infrastructure – including an end-to-end SAP system that enables automated and centralised processing, and the forecast and replenishment of inventory.

Our point-of-sale technology enables an advanced suite of value-added services, including money transfers and banking transactions, and supports our Smart Shopper loyalty programme, including the redemption of personalised discount vouchers directly through the programme's digital app.